Hydrangea forcing plants
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Discover our Company2015-03-26

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Magical on a French TV Broadcast2014-01-17

We produce some varieties of Magical® range (Amethyst®, Coral®, Wings®...) exclusively for some of our clients. Discover them on a French TV broadcast.

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Hydrangea forcing plants

Hortensias France Production is fully specialised in the production of Hydrangea forcing plants.
The assortment consists of sixteen mophead, and seven lace-cap varieties, in all the normal colours and grown in 12 cm, 14 cm, and 4.7 litre pots.

Hortensias France Production offers every year new varieties.

By co-operating with Horteve Breeding (a sister company) Hortensias France Production has direct access to many new varieties. With the introduction of these novelties Hortensias France Production has the opportunity to exclusively supply these varieties for two years, providing our customers a distinct advantage.
For the Magical® Hydrangeas (extremely good keeping quality) Hortensia France Production is working together with Baum Gartnerei, Gartnerei Freese in Germany, De Jong Plant in Holland, Gartneriet Mollerhoy in Danmark and Kerisnel les Pépinières in France.

Sharing knowledge

Intensive co-operation with the knowledge centres Agro Campus Ouest in Angers (F) and Wageningen UR Applied Plant Research (NL) has given Hortensias France Production considerable scientific know-how about the habits and requirements of the crop.
Research on this complex shrubby plant makes mechanisms of growth and development of the Hydrangea easier to understand. This can be transformed into the quality required by our customers.

Co-operation at sales and distribution

Marketing of the Hydrangeas is organised together with a number of distributors within Europe: CCM in Spain and Floripartner in Sweden, Norway. In the Benelux, France, United Kingdom and Danmark Hortensias France Production has chosen for direct sales.