Hydrangea forcing plants
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Hydrangea forcing plants: a specialised production

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Through intensive collaboration with Vegepolys (plant cluster), INRA (national agronomic research institute) and INH (National Horticultural Institute), Hortensias France Production has improved her knowledge culture and behavior of the hydrangea.

Specialisation in crop and cultivation

Due to the specialisation in the culture of Hydrangea, Hortensias France Production is able to realise improvements in cropping methods. Our investment programme is fully geared to this.

High quality of cold storage facilities

At the production site there are over 24,000 cubic meters cold storage facilities where the entire production can be cooled. By the end of October all forcing plants are transferred to the refrigerated store or a storing space that is free of frost.

Specific technical culture controlled

Using specially developed machinery Hortensias France is able to pinch more than 1.6 million Hydrangeas within two weeks. Irrigation is adapted using special moisture registration, keeping the use of growth retardants to a minimum.

EC and pH are measured once a week; these figures are used to decide the type and amount of fertiliser to be applied. Scouting for insects is carried out on a weekly basis to assist us in the pest control.

Flowering buds are analysed from the end of August onwards to determine the moment when the plants must be moved into the temperature controlled cold-stores. These production protocols are based on many years of Hydrangea growing experience and the Hydrangea crop is continuously monitored by tracing and tracking.
Hortensias France Production is also member of MPS (an international environmental standard) since 2008 and has the highest level MPS A.